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HVAC Silverton Oregon – We sell & install high-quality heating and air conditioning products in Silverton Oregon and service and repair numerous makes and models of heating or air conditioning equipment. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and look forward to serving you and your system needs.

HVAC Silverton Oregon

Mill Creek Heating has been providing HVAC Silverton Oregon – Heating, Air Condition, Service Repair and Installation since 2003. We are Dedicated to satisfying all of your Furnace, Heating & Air Conditioning needs. We provide our customers with excellent products and service in Silverton Oregon at a competitive price every time.

Our factory trained technicians can repair and service any make and model of heating and cooling equipment.

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Mill Creek Heating is a locally owned heating and air conditioning provider in Turner, OR. We are a recognized independent Trane dealer, which means we have met Trane’s stringent requirements and standards of customer satisfaction and continued education.

We are committed to excellence in every aspect of the heating and air conditioning business. From installation and service to customer satisfaction and employee training, our company is dedicated to providing the very best in the HVAC industry.

Residential Heating

Heating Products and services we provide in Silverton Oregon:

  • Heating Contractor Silverton Oregon
  • Gas Furnaces Silverton Oregon
  • Gas Furnace Maintenance Silverton Oregon
  • Gas Furnace Replacement Silverton Oregon
  • Gas Furnace Installation Silverton Oregon

  • Heating Repair Silverton Oregon
  • Heating Replacement Silverton Oregon
  • Heating Installation Silverton Oregon
  • Heating Service Silverton Oregon
  • Heating Maintenance Silverton Oregon

  • Furnace Repair Silverton Oregon
  • Furnace Replacement Silverton Oregon
  • Furnace Installation Silverton Oregon
  • Furnace Service Silverton Oregon
  • Furnace Maintenance Silverton Oregon

  • Heat Pumps Silverton Oregon
  • Ductless Heat Pumps Silverton Oregon

10 Tips for Hiring a Heating and Cooling Contractor

Residential Air Conditioning

AC Products and services we provide in Silverton Oregon:

  • Air Conditioning Contractor Silverton Oregon
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance Silverton Oregon
  • Air Conditioning Replacement Silverton Oregon
  • Air Conditioning Installation Silverton Oregon

  • Cooling Repair Silverton Oregon
  • Cooling Replacement Silverton Oregon
  • Cooling Installation Silverton Oregon
  • Cooling Service Silverton Oregon
  • Cooling Maintenance Silverton Oregon

  • Cooling Heat Pumps Silverton Oregon
  • Cooling Ductless Heat Pumps Silverton Oregon

Duct Cleaning

  • Removing and cleaning all vents & returns
  • Inspecting ducts with RotoVision – a color TV camera that goes deep into your ducts
  • Brushing and vacuuming all dust and dander from inside your ducts
  • Fogging with anti-microbial protectant, if desired

Commercial HVAC Silverton Oregon, Heating, Air Conditioning

Commercial HVAC Silverton Oregon

Commercial HVAC Silverton Oregon Service, Repair & Installation:

  • Commercial Roof Top Units (RTU’s) Silverton Oregon
  • Commercial Air Conditioners Silverton Oregon
  • Commercial Heat Pumps Silverton Oregon
  • Commercial Furnaces Silverton Oregon
  • Commercial Boilers Silverton Oregon
  • Commercial Ductless Split Systems Silverton Oregon
  • Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilators Control Systems Silverton Oregon
  • Commercial IAQ Systems Silverton Oregon

We also offer commercial heating & air condition service and preventative maintenance contracts in Silverton Oregon to protect your equipment and preserve your factory warranty.

Geothermal Heating And Cooling

Geothermal Heating And Cooling Silverton Oregon

During the heating cycle, a WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump uses the earth loop to extract heat from the ground.

In the cooling mode, the heating process is reversed – creating cool, conditioned air throughout the home.

How Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning Works

Residential & Commercial
New Construction HVAC Silverton Oregon

Residential & Commercial New Construction HVAC Silverton Oregon

While you may only run your air conditioner a few months out of the year in Silverton Oregon, the last thing you want is for it to break down when you need it. Routine inspection/maintenance is the best form of prevention in keeping your AC unit performing at its best. Here are 6 simple routine inspections that you can make yourself to determine if it’s time to call in a professional technician.

  1. Weak Air Flow

    There are several factors that could cause an AC unit’s airflow to weaken. Over time, air conditioning vents can collect debris and cause weak air flow. This blockage in flow can present a health risk to you and your family and should be rectified as soon as possible. On the chance that some rooms are receiving cold air and not others, the problem could be with your HVAC system and a Mill Creek Heating technician should be called immediately. Routine cleaning of your HVAC duct system will restore optimal airflow and ensure your air conditioning system is ready to work when you need it.

  2. Lukewarm & Humid Air

    Lukewarm & Humid air coming from your vents is a sign that your AC system needs immediate attention. The lack of cold air could be an indicator of a failed compressor or low Freon levels. In either case, replacing the unit is most likely necessary.

  3. Leaks and Moisture

    Residents of Silverton Oregon are all too familiar with moisture and have, quite possibly, experienced a leak or two. But when moisture around or near your system forms, you could have a serious problem. Moisture could be an indication of a leak and leaks generally occur for two reasons: the condensation drain is blocked, or, more seriously, the AC unit is leaking refrigerant. Refrigerant leaks can pose a serious health risk and need to be attended to at once.

  4. Thermostat Inaccurate or Not Working

    It is possible for the systems thermostat to function improperly. If one section of your home is cold while another remains the same temperature, it may be a good idea to call a Mill Creek Heating professional in to take a look.

  5. Bad Odor Coming From Unit

    If you experience a foul odor emitting from your AC vents, it could be an indicator that the unit’s wire insulation needs to be replaced. normally means that your conditioner’s wire insulation needs to be replaced. A musty smell generally points to mold build up inside the system’s ducting or inside the unit itself. Mold is a serious health risk to you and your family and should be addressed immediately.

  6. Unnecessary Noise

    Loud noises coming from your AC unit is likely an indication that your unit needs to be serviced. Neglecting to routinely service your air conditioner, could result in a costly repair.

    Squealing –  A squealing noise means that the belt either needs to be tightened or replaced. It may also indicate that a metal component in your air conditioner requires more lubrication.

    Grinding – A grinding sound may mean that your motor’s bearings are broken.

    A well maintained air conditioning system could end up being your best friend in the hot summer months in Silverton Oregon.

Once Summer is gone and fall begins to kick in, many people turn on the heat for the first time in a couple of months.

Long before the freezing weather comes to stay, you will want to make sure you’re not caught by surprise with a heating system that is not performing when you need it most. Check out these 6 warning signs that your heating needs some TLC.

  1. Feeling dull or have a headache, dizziness, nausea

    These could be symptoms of a serious problem and require immediate attention!
    If someone in your home is complaining of consistent nausea, headaches or burning pain in their eyes or nose, then it is time to get your home tested for a carbon monoxide leak. Many hardware stores now carry carbon monoxide monitors that will let off an alarm if they detect the lethal gas in your home.

    What causes a carbon monoxide leak? Heat exchangers within older furnaces can get holes or large cracks over time – which then let carbon monoxide out into your home’s atmosphere.

    If these symptoms sound familiar, get help right away. For more information read our blog post, Gas-Fired Heating Equipment, CO Poisoning, and Why Maintenance Matters.

  2. Dramatic Changes in Room-to-Room Temperatures

    If you have a standard heating system (without zoned areas), each room in your home should have a pretty consistent temperature as you move throughout the house.

    If you notice one room is much colder than the others, your heating system might be too small for your home’s air space, or your home is haunted. We’re willing to bet the problem lies with a struggling heating system though!

    A well-functioning system will have minimal temperature fluctuations around doors and windows. You may also sense a difference as you walk upstairs as heat rises. If you’re finding your home is suffering from sudden changes in temperature and unexpected drafts, you might need to get your system checked over by a professional.

  3. Strang Noises & Unusual Sounds

    When a heating system is working properly, it shouldn’t make a huge amount of noise. If you’re hearing excessive sounds coming from it, it’s best to get it looked over. There are a number of different causes that could be making those weird noises, including:

    Squealing can be caused by loose bearings, pulley problems or a deterioration in the inducer motor or blower motor belt.
    Disruptive humming can be caused by a failing blower fan motor.

    Rattling can come from an unbalanced motor, loose screws or unsecured ductwork.
    Try not to ignore odd noises, they won’t go away on their own.

  4. Constantly Adjusting the Thermostat

    Can’t get the room’s temperature right? Do you feel like some of your rooms are too hot no matter what you do to balance it out? Your heater might not be able to distribute heat efficiently anymore.

    An efficient heating system’s temperature setting should only need changing once overnight and once at the beginning of the day. If you’re waking up in the night and have to adjust your room’s thermostat repeatedly, you might need to get your system looked at.

    If you are tired of manually adjusting your thermostat at night and in the morning, you should look into a programmable thermostat. The technology has come a long way and they are quite amazing, that is if your system is functioning properly. If you do have a programmable thermostat and you find yourself fiddling with it a lot, it’s time to get it checked out.

  5. Increased Dust Levels

    Poor indoor air quality can have a seriously bad effect on your family’s health – excess dust can really irritate asthma and allergies.

    We’re lucky enough to have long hot summers, so our heating systems sit unused for months at a time. When we go to use them again, they can push a lot of unsettled dust into our living spaces. Increased dust levels in your home isn’t a sign your heating system needs repairing or replacing but it is a sign that you need to give it a good clean.

    Clean out your HVAC system when you notice excess dust as a build-up of grime and debris can result in its components corroding when left for too long – and that will require heavy duty repairs.

  6. Higher Electricity or Gas Bills

    Are you seeing an unusual spike in your power bills lately? An older heating system can be to blame. Coupled with an increase in on/off cycles, a hike in power usage can mean your system is struggling to keep up with your needs.

    If you’re not sure about your power bills, try comparing the last four years’ bills – if there’s a consistent hike, your heating system might need upgrading.

    Coming into the winter season, you’re going to need a reliable heating system that will keep you and your family warm on those cold nights with no surprises!

    A healthy heating system can help prevent burst pipes, providing good quality indoor air for your loved ones and it should efficiently heat your home.

If you feel your system isn’t working as efficiently as it should, schedule an HVAC inspection to figure out the cause today – and make sure you’re not left in the cold this winter.