Trane HVAC Gold Sales Excellence Award

Mill Creek Heating has received the Trane HVAC 2017 Gold Sales Excellence award at the Trane Heating and Air Conditioning Banquet. This award is for selling the most high-end Trane equipment in the southern region with high quality and customer service.

2018 Residential Innovation Award from IGSHPA

Mill Creek Heating’s very own Chris Broomfield, our New Construction Manager, received the prestigious 2018 Residential Innovation Award from the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA). This award is given out to one person in the nation per year for standout projects and forward thinking in the field of Residential Geothermal Heat Pump Installation and Design.

Chris’ featured project was at the Pringle Creek Community is Salem, Oregon. Pringle Creek is a highly sustainable community of new homes that are LEED Certified to the highest level of Green Building practices.

The community’s main gathering space is their community center, Painters Hall, heated and cooled by a geothermal heat pump. It is also rented out for events, corporate training classes, club meetings and private lunches.

The community is unique because of the geothermal infrastructure that was put in when the subdivision was developed. A large geothermal loop runs under the streets in the neighborhood and passes most of the homes and empty lots waiting to be built. A large commercial well pump pulls fresh water out of a deep underground aquifer and circulates it through the underground loop in the subdivision. Smaller supply and return lines run to each home on the geothermal loop for use with a geothermal heat pump for heating and cooling. Always using new water from the aquifer provides a constant temperature that stays around 55 degrees and maximizes the efficiency of an already super-efficient ground source heat pump. Mill Creek Heating has been called upon each time a new geothermal project is started as additional houses are built and added to the system and had done 100% of the geothermal work up to this point.

“We are seeing our installations producing heating efficiencies of up to 510% in heating mode,” Chris explains, “which is over four times more efficient than the highest rated natural gas furnace on the market at a mere 98%!”

Pringle Creek is truly a one of a kind community with innovative thinking and a sustainable infrastructure aimed towards the future. “I look forward to working with Pringle Creek and local builders in the future,” Chris states, “to design and install many more super-efficient geothermal systems in this great community.”

Video of  Chris Broomfield receiving the Award.