What I see

I would like to address the upcoming phase-out of the refrigerant R-22. For many years R-22 (known as Freon) has been a manufacturer’s choice as a refrigerant for residential and commercial HVAC equipment.

What is happening

Because of the Montreal Protocol of 1989, many countries have agreed to end production of R-22 by the year 2020. With the proposed phase-out the supply has decreased and the cost has exponentially increased. The price is already so high it is outside of a reasonable cost for consumers. For this reason, Mill Creek Heating has chosen to cease purchasing and selling R-22. That is not to say I do not have some R-22 for emergencies.


You may ask, “Now what, I have R-22 equipment but no R-22 is available.” There are several drop-in replacements for R-22 that work well with most systems.

The best solution is to replace the R-22 equipment with new environmentally safe refrigerant-based equipment. Most R-22 equipment is nearing its useful life, so replacement is the best option.

Our goal is to do the right thing for our customers!