Summer 2017 Oregon

Oregon Outside
What a beautiful summer. Very little rain and lots of sunshine make a great recipe for outdoor fun. There is no place more beautiful than Oregon for hiking, biking, or spending the day on the water.

What happened
Unfortunately, Oregon and its surrounding states have experienced a challenging fire season. With the wind direction, a large portion of the smoky haze settled over the Willamette Valley. We had a thick blanket engulfing our state for weeks. The heat and smoke can be damaging to our bodies and our HVAC equipment. In response to all of the smoke, we tend to stay indoors and rely on our heating/cooling system to create a livable environment.

What we do
Now that we are in September, it is time to get our heating systems tuned up for winter. Filter changes, checking equipment operations and making repairs are important for peace of mind through the upcoming winter. As heating professionals, fall is when we find more time for HVAC service. Why wait until the first cold snap – call today and make an appointment for a Precision Tune-Up (PTU) to be ready for the upcoming winter.

The farmer’s almanac is predicting a cold, wet winter – why get caught up a creek without a paddle? Contact us today!