Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the smarter way to heat and cool your home or business – it’s efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

It’s hard to get much greener than a geothermal system. Just ask the EPA – they concluded geothermal energy is the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling system.

Or ask the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory – they concluded that geothermal energy is more efficient and cost-effective than conventional residential systems.

Or ask the federal, state, and local governments and utilities – they’re offering many rebates and tax incentives that will go hand in hand with your investment in geothermal.

Or, most importantly, you can ask your neighbors – more and more people are switching to geothermal and love it!

Energy and cost savings will vary by region and type of system geothermal is replacing, but geothermal will always be more cost-effective, smarter, and greener.

Mill Creek Heating is an experienced installer of geothermal loops and underfloor. In this video Mill Creek Heating finished the ground loop piping system during the rough-in stage at a custom home being built in Salem.

The system features an Energy Star rated ‘Most Efficient’ WaterFurnace Series 7 Ground Source Heat Pump. The WaterFurnace has:

  • Three Temperature Zones
  • Domestic Hot Water Preheat
  • High Efficiency Sealed / Performance Tested Duct system

The ground loop will deliver a constant temperature year around to the Ultra Efficient Series 7 Unit. This is possible because the earth’s stable temperature stays around 50 degrees all year long.

With a Mill Creek Heating designed system and a WaterFurnace Series 7 Unit, this will no doubt be another happy customer when the house is completed.

Geothermal Heating Process

Wader Install

Wader Install 1

Floating Loop

Floating Loop 1